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If my body’s a temple…then I painted a wall?

I got a tattoo.

Sh*t, I planned on having some big build up to reveal that fact, but I got excited typing and skipped right to the good part.

Anyway, it’s not really wedding-related so I don’t know if I should even be posting it here, but damn if it doesn’t fit under the category “Fine, Change”.

I get asked about the “7” tattoo on my shoulder all the time so I thought I’d take to the blog to explain my ink a bit.¬† Mostly because the next 20 times I’m asked, I can just forward an easy link ūüôā

It's just my number.

I got the 7 a few years ago.¬† All I can say about it is that 7 is just my number.¬† It seems to follow me around every where I go.¬† My birthday’s March 7th, every significant date in my life has been on 7th (or 17th, etc). ¬†If I’m going to win money in roulette, it’s going to be on a 7.¬† It felt like it was on my shoulder long before it was there.¬† There are a lot of symbolic, spiritual, meaningful associations with 7’s, like:

-The number of notes in a major scale

-The number of days of Creation

-The number of stellar objects in our Solar System visible to the naked eye

-The number of colors in the rainbow

-The number of chakras

-The number of spots on a ladybug

But none of those we’re responsible for the ink.¬† It’s just…my number.

SO, when I decided to tat up again it had to be something that was equally meaningful.¬† I’ve been thinking about writing something on my wrist for a while now.¬† I wanted something that was powerful to me, something that would put my head in the right mental space, something that would inspire me every time I saw it.¬† I think the¬†wrist is particularly intense tattoo real estate; it’s literally a pulsating life point on your body.¬† So I wanted a phrase that was aligned with my philosophical way of life.

I started¬†understanding Law of Attraction¬†(more specifically, Abraham-Hicks) a few years ago & it’s changed just about every part of my life.¬† I’ve learned that happiness is a conscious choice.¬† Rather than just observe life and let the good and bad things I see dictate my mood, I choose each thought with care and make a conscious effort to focus on the positive in a situation. ¬†I try to see the beauty in every person & focus on¬†things I appreciate every day.

We all need reminders, and I can have just as effed up a day as the next guy, so writing something on my wrist that reminds me to stay focused on the positive is legitimately helpful.

Come to me this thing I want

The phrase “Come to me, this thing I want” is so beautiful to me.¬† It comes from an Esther Hicks quote in which she says something to the effect of:

It’s a Universe of inclusion.¬† Come to me, this thing I want or come to me, this thing I don’t want.¬† In other words, whatever you think about, you get.

I don’t want to waste my¬†time worrying or…energetically pre-planning negative events.¬† Seeing these words every day helps me reframe.¬† When I know what I don’t want, I more clearly know what I DO want.

What is it you want?

Focusing on that, versus the LACK of that is so much more effective.¬† Sounds new age-y (and I get that that freaks some people out),¬†but it’s just science.¬† Ask Einstein.

Smart guy.

And for¬†the law of attraction skeptics out there, let’s say this is all a bunch of crap.¬† Worst case scenario¬†from consciously focusing on the positive?¬† You feel better!¬† Thinking about stuff that makes you happy…makes you happy.¬† So even if you can’t wrap your head around the whole “manifest destiny” concept, finding a little better thought than the one you currently hold on a subject will¬†lift your overall mood.¬† And that joy can¬†lift the spirits of people around you. ¬†And THAT joy can rub off on the people around them.¬† And¬†(CUE SWELLING MUSIC!)¬†suddenly the world’s a better place ūüôā

Side note- if¬†you’re into¬†this stuff, I highly recommend my friend, Scott Raposa’s music.¬† He takes Abraham quotes & mixes it into really¬†amazing ambient electronica tracks.¬† Check it out:¬†

Big thanks to the beautiful and talented Miss D’Jo at Lark Tattoo (¬†)