(sorry again, dad!)

So, Richie & I have shared WAAAAY too much of our lives on the Howard Stern Show (at least for my dad’s liking).  But whatevs, it’s out there.  And since we’ve gone through the good times and bad with all of you, we felt like we owed it to you to share the most fun part of this adventure, the wedding planning!

And here’s the thing: I say “most fun” just to kind of psych myself up for this.  Not the MARRIAGE- I can’t wait to marry Richie.  But the wedding itself?  I’m just not the girly girl who grew up dreaming of her big day.  I literally have NO IDEA how or what to do to pull off a wedding.  So I need you guys. I need the advice, I need the help, I’m sure I’ll need a place to vent.  Save me from complete overwhelment. I don’t even think that’s a word, that’s how overwhelmed I am.

Nice to meet you 🙂




Rachel Fine developed a cult following as the co-host of the weekly comedy news series “The Bonus Show” for Howard TV On Demand, the outrageous and uncensored digital cable TV service that is the only place to see Howard Stern and his crew from the satellite radio show. She is currently hosting “Fine Time” for Howard TV, where she interviews Stern Show staff, wack packers & celebrity superfans each week.  Howard TV is available on most cable systems in the US and Canada.  Rachel has a new television show in production, announcement coming soon.

Outside of television, Rachel has built a global fan base who know her best as a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY.  Since the release of her debut album, Own Your Own, a collection that pulsates with dark confessions and haunting melodies, Rachel’s ragged, edgy sound has earned her comparisons to such divergent artists as Jill Scott and Portishead. Own Your Own is an uncommonly beautiful blend of mood and rhythm, reflective of the sounds of 70s funk, Philly Soul, broken beat and hip hop and is available on iTunes. 

In addition to her music, Rachel has worked as a red carpet reporter for New York Fashion Week, and has covered many of the fashion shows for Project Runway contestants as well as charity events with The Real Housewives of New York & New Jersey. Rachel is also a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and serves as Chief Ambassador for the MacDella Cooper Foundation, assisting in the development of the first tuition-free schools for orphaned & abandoned children in post-war Liberia.

For more information on Rachel, visit:








http://rachelfine.de.vu (German fansite)


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