I figured I should add a page of everything that’s DONE so you can help me figure out what’s next & what’s missing along the way.


The Date!  Sept 29, 2012.  We wanted to get married in the fall.  It’s so pretty in NYC- the cooler temperature, the changing leaves, it’s just gorgeous.  Weather wise, spring was our other option, but we were thinking people are so antsy to get out of the city & start summer vacations, plus people are traveling for graduations, etc.  Fall just made the most sense.  Plus, our anniversary’s right around that date (we’ll hit 4 years at the wedding!). 

The Rings! Thanks, Steven Singer!

The Venue!  Believe it or not, the venue is a bit of a hidden gem & doesn’t want the publicity so I’m not going to list the name of where we’re getting married.  It’s the first place Richie & I looked at after one of his best friends in England told him about it.  From the second I walked in, it was a done deal. It’s a refurbished hundred year old building that has a chic vintage vibe to it and is one of the most unique spaces I’ve ever seen.  The building immediately reminded me of one of my favorite photoshoots I ever did- (check it out, it’s for the song “Care & Closure” on my website , under the gallery section- click the thumbnail where I’m wearing the pink headpiece).  That shoot was at an abandoned insane asylum & it was the first time I ever saw the true beauty in decaying buildings.  Anyway, this place has obviously been refurbished, but they retained so much of the old faded charm.  It just took my breath away.  We booked it the very next day without seeing anything else.

How cool is this?!  I’m in love!

The space has such a unique feel that it will definitely influence my choice of colors, music, dresses, etc.  I love the vibe it’s helping me create.

-The Cake!  Adam Beckworth at is going to make our cake. I might be more excited about cake than anything else.

-The DJ!  We’re using Scratch Weddings (, and I’m relieved to report they’re as “anti-chicken dance” as we are.

-The Flowers!  B Floral is amazing (  We love the team, we love their designs. Easy decision.

-The Band!  We *sort of* have The Alex Skolnick Trio…except that Alex himself is on tour with Anthrax that day (seriously- who else would have that sentence in their wedding blog?).  So he’s AMAZINGLY volunteered to sub himself out & we’ve got 2/3 of the magic 🙂

-The Dress! The geniuses at Demetrios Bride saved my booty (and made it look great!) Love these guys- great selection, great staff.

-The Chocolate Fountains!  Chocolate Fountain Fantasies is hands down the part I’m most excited about (I mean, after the whole marrying the man I love part)






-The Honeymoon Resorts!  We’ll be staying at the Hyatt resorts in Kauai & Maui! & .  And we may never leave.








– THE PHOTOBOOTHS!  We fell in love with NYC Photobooths .  HUGE selection of cool booths! We’re doing the 1920’s Vintage Booth










– THE LIGHTING! Christopher Reilly & his wife Christine have an AMAZING lighting company They are true artists who know how to create the perfect vibe for your event.

  1. Hey Rachel was just checking out your wedding blog. I see you haven’t chosen yet (unless I’m missing it) your photographer which is one of the most important parts of the day! 🙂

    If you’re interested I’m a wedding photographer, shoot me an email I’m still available your day. I booked over 50 weddings in 2011, won several awards and I’m on a few of those “Top Wedding Vendor” lists you had mentioned…and you can see some of my wedding work on my website below and make sure to click my blog.

    I hope to hear from you, thanks!

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