If my body’s a temple…then I painted a wall?

I got a tattoo.

Sh*t, I planned on having some big build up to reveal that fact, but I got excited typing and skipped right to the good part.

Anyway, it’s not really wedding-related so I don’t know if I should even be posting it here, but damn if it doesn’t fit under the category “Fine, Change”.

I get asked about the “7” tattoo on my shoulder all the time so I thought I’d take to the blog to explain my ink a bit.  Mostly because the next 20 times I’m asked, I can just forward an easy link 🙂

It's just my number.

I got the 7 a few years ago.  All I can say about it is that 7 is just my number.  It seems to follow me around every where I go.  My birthday’s March 7th, every significant date in my life has been on 7th (or 17th, etc).  If I’m going to win money in roulette, it’s going to be on a 7.  It felt like it was on my shoulder long before it was there.  There are a lot of symbolic, spiritual, meaningful associations with 7’s, like:

-The number of notes in a major scale

-The number of days of Creation

-The number of stellar objects in our Solar System visible to the naked eye

-The number of colors in the rainbow

-The number of chakras

-The number of spots on a ladybug

But none of those we’re responsible for the ink.  It’s just…my number.

SO, when I decided to tat up again it had to be something that was equally meaningful.  I’ve been thinking about writing something on my wrist for a while now.  I wanted something that was powerful to me, something that would put my head in the right mental space, something that would inspire me every time I saw it.  I think the wrist is particularly intense tattoo real estate; it’s literally a pulsating life point on your body.  So I wanted a phrase that was aligned with my philosophical way of life.

I started understanding Law of Attraction (more specifically, Abraham-Hicks) a few years ago & it’s changed just about every part of my life.  I’ve learned that happiness is a conscious choice.  Rather than just observe life and let the good and bad things I see dictate my mood, I choose each thought with care and make a conscious effort to focus on the positive in a situation.  I try to see the beauty in every person & focus on things I appreciate every day.

We all need reminders, and I can have just as effed up a day as the next guy, so writing something on my wrist that reminds me to stay focused on the positive is legitimately helpful.

Come to me this thing I want

The phrase “Come to me, this thing I want” is so beautiful to me.  It comes from an Esther Hicks quote in which she says something to the effect of:

It’s a Universe of inclusion.  Come to me, this thing I want or come to me, this thing I don’t want.  In other words, whatever you think about, you get.

I don’t want to waste my time worrying or…energetically pre-planning negative events.  Seeing these words every day helps me reframe.  When I know what I don’t want, I more clearly know what I DO want.

What is it you want?

Focusing on that, versus the LACK of that is so much more effective.  Sounds new age-y (and I get that that freaks some people out), but it’s just science.  Ask Einstein.

Smart guy.

And for the law of attraction skeptics out there, let’s say this is all a bunch of crap.  Worst case scenario from consciously focusing on the positive?  You feel better!  Thinking about stuff that makes you happy…makes you happy.  So even if you can’t wrap your head around the whole “manifest destiny” concept, finding a little better thought than the one you currently hold on a subject will lift your overall mood.  And that joy can lift the spirits of people around you.  And THAT joy can rub off on the people around them.  And (CUE SWELLING MUSIC!) suddenly the world’s a better place 🙂

Side note- if you’re into this stuff, I highly recommend my friend, Scott Raposa’s music.  He takes Abraham quotes & mixes it into really amazing ambient electronica tracks.  Check it out:  http://music.scottraposa.com/album/law-of-attraction-directly-from-source

Big thanks to the beautiful and talented Miss D’Jo at Lark Tattoo (http://www.larktattoo.com/index.php/artists/missdjo/0 )



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