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Now that we’ve survived the Rapture & the wedding’s still on, I figured it was time to get back to blogging.

So, it’s one week since the engagement announcement.  And what a week it’s been!  If you missed any of the excitement, I gotta give some big props to one of my FAVORITE twitter feeds, @SternShow – if you’re on twitter & not following them, stop what you’re doing right now and go follow.

I’ll wait.

Awesome. You’ll thank me later.

And incase you no-speak-a the twitter, I’ll “retweet”  (read: copy/paste) their posts from the news department about the engagement, mostly because I completely love these audio links.

Stern Show:  Listen to H100 News: Robin’s self help tapes teach her about men & relationships and Rachel & Richie get engaged.     (story & staff reactions start at 2:30)

Stern Show: Listen to H100 News: Rachel Fine describes the moment Howard TV’s Richie Wilson proposed to her.
Stern Show: Listen to H100 News: Ronnie & Richie go ring shopping, backstage with Scott Weiland, and no more Jerry Lewis telethons.
It’s wild to have such a private moment in life be such a public roller coaster, but I’ve adapted and even come to appreciate it.  You’ve been there for the rough times, it’s nice to share the celebrations. We got so many nice tweets, facebook messages, blog comments and website emails from strangers congratulating us- it was surprisingly touching. 
I have a ton of wedding planning updates to give you, but I’ve got 17 trillion things to do today and no more blog time.   I will say I’m having drinks with one of my FAVORITE designers tonight (hint, you’ve seen me covering her red carpets at New York Fashion Week…).  Nothing for sure yet, but I definitely want to take a look at her bridal line…
Thanks again for all the love 🙂  You guys are awesome.
 ps- think we can push off wedding bills til the day after the Mayan calendar ends?