The aptly named staffing company: Enjoy Your Party, Inc.

We had a caterer pretty much from the minute we got engaged.  Because our home away from home (oven away from oven?) is  There was no way they wouldn’t be feeding our friends & family the way they feed us pretty much every day.  And while we locked down that dream team without hesitation, we were still going to need to find a staffing company up to the challenge.

Which sounds easy, I know.  But it’s so not.  To me, a make or break element to a great party is the staff.  If I have to wander aimlessly for 20 minutes looking for a place to put down my empty glass & crumpled cocktail napkin, I’m going to be cranky.  And especially since we were doing passed food only & no formal seated dinner, I wanted to make sure we had extra staff there to get food in & out of everyone’s hands as quickly & professionally as possible.

I met with a couple different companies, but ultimately, Rosanna Morlando at Enjoy Your Party ( ) won my heart.  This woman is awesome (as evidenced by this article:  First off, I just liked her right away.  I felt confident & comfortable that her team was going to handle the staffing, soup to nuts (just not any of the actual soup or nut preparation).






The night of our wedding (and throughout all of the neurotic lead up to it), Rosanna was absolutely my rock.  I had utter trust in her to just handle it.  And handle it she did.  Her team was well-dressed, professional, friendly & attentive.  And here’s my favorite part- Rosanna put together a plate of food and made me actually eat something.  Which I would not have, had it not been for that act of kindness.  Honestly, I don’t know what else I could have asked for.  I love these guys.


So go follow them on twitter ( & like em on facebook (!/enjoyyourparty ) and trust that when you need a staffing company, I’ve successfully pointed you to the absolute best in the biz.



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