Because the “Day Of” must be “Coordinated”.

So, now that the wedding insanity is over (hallelujah!) I finally have some free time to finish telling you about the details that made the big day the best day.  I’ve gotten emails from many of you asking about weding planners & day of coordinators and, as always, I’m here to help.

As you know by now, I was pretty much the neurotic control freak I never thought I’d become during the wedding planning.  And while I was more than capable of (killing myslef) doing every single detail, on the actual day of the wedding, I had a very clear plan of letting go & doing my best to just enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Which I’m not entirely sure is possible, but I’m certain it’s NOT without the help of a professional.

Enter Wanda Nunez of Simply Wanda,  aka Day of Coordinator Extraordinaire.   Here’s where you go to start learning about her:













Let me tell you why having a Day of Coordinator (or “DOC” as we call them in the biz) is non-negotiable.  So, we all plan a timeline of events. But what many people don’t know is that without a pro who is wearing a watch & can hold you to that precise plan, there’s no chance of it actually happening.  It’s also fantastic to have another set of hands with an organized checklist to catch the stuff you’ve let fall through the cracks.

And Wanda’s just really nice, which helps. She had a way of calming me down with a stern look & words of assurance that actually made ME (neurtic, control freak bridezilla) calm the heck down.

Go forth & be coordinated,



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