FINE! Change?!

I decided to blog.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I never knew exactly what I wanted to talk about. 

And then Richie asked me to marry him last week. 

So instead of freaking out the random strangers I’ve grabbed in a panic to talk about wedding do’s and dont’s, I thought it was the perfect time to take to the blogosphere for some sanity.

Step one was naming this thing.   You can’t have a last name like “Fine” (which YES, is my real last name- and YES, sucked as an awkward kid) without exploiting it in titles whenever possible.  That was a given.  Here were some title contenders:


(My issue here was that I’m not the chick who has been pressuring the dude for years to marry her …or even dreamed of weddings as a little girl…& I felt like “FINEally!!!!!!” implied that.  Although it’s almost awesome, so I was on the fence for a minute.)

“FINE. I’ll marry you.”

(This one sounds less enthusiastic than I am.  Like it should be read with an exasperated sigh.  No bueno.)

“FINE. Be that way.”

(I’m not gonna lie.  I always assumed if I had a blog, that’s what I’d name it.  It’s so sassy!  I want to snap in a Z-formation!  But it really had nothing to do with a wedding, so…maybe you’re looking at THE TITLE OF THE NEXT GREAT BLOG I WRITE?!?  EH…??  Ok, getting ahead of myself.  It doesn’t work for this one and I need to stay focused.)

And then Richie suggested “A Fine Change”.  And I knew we were close.  I enjoy multiple meanings, particularly those impacted by punctuation.  Here’s what’s cool about “Fine Change” as it relates to getting hitched:

A) It IS a fine change in my life! I’m excited about it!  -> Fine change!

B) The idea of marriage is a HUGE adjustment for me.  I’m just not domestic in any way & I totally identify with being an independent woman. Fine, I want to marry you…but I’m gonna have to learn to change a bit. -> Fine…change.

C) Wait! Do I have to change my last name, Fine?! -> Fine? CHANGE??

(do you see how cool this is getting?)

D) (read in self-talk voice) “Fine, it’s time to grow up. To evolve. To change.” -> Fine, change.  

Woah… I’m getting that thing where the word “change” has stopped looking like a real word because I’ve used it 6,000 times.  It’s REALLY starting to look like chang-y.  I guess that’s my cue to stop (or to nap).

In summary, I’m scared to death about planning a wedding.  I know NOTHING about this stuff and I need you guys.  I need advice, I need opinions, I need your warnings, I need your shrink’s number (kidding…kind of). I need to stop mumbling wedding-related thoughts to myself as I walk down the street because I have no outlet to share my scattered thoughts on the subject.  By reading this blog, you’re essentially saving me from looking like the crazy homeless (SLASH or is she talking on a bluetooth?) lady.  Don’t leave me out here in cyberspace on my own.  I need you in this thing with me.



I'm marrying this guy 🙂


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  1. Congrats! So excited to hear the news! Will be reading about the adventure & helping with advice where I can.

  2. Maid of Honor :)

    Do we get to do this like the Today show where people get to vote on things? FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

  3. Jaime Ciarlello

    Congrats! So exciting. The blog is definitely a great idea! I got married back in 2006, and when I look back at my photos I realize some major mistakes I made. I had way too many bridesmaids, 1 of whom was my brother’s girlfriend at the time and they broke up soon after. Lesson learned….have a small wedding party with family only! Also, at the time I was really into pink. pink bridesmaid dresss, flowers, napkins, etc. it was obnoxious. Since then I have been sooooo anti-pink. I def recommend u stick with black or neutral colors….so much more classy.
    When I think of more I’ll post more!

  4. Julie Schletter

    Hi honey! I am happy to help any way I can. I have served as “officiant” for 3 weddings and can help with ceremony ideas, etc. (I am actually planning on making this a retirement gig)! The best advice is to make it YOUR day – not something for other people (which can be difficult). Surround yourself with the people you love most and have a sincere and original service and a party that you would want to attend if you were invited. Keep me posted – GREAT NEWS!
    Love – Julie

  5. Congratulations guys!

    (Glad to see you blogging too!)

    I haven’t got a lot of wedding advice to give… We kept it small (immediate family only, non-denominational service, friends invited to a get together after the fact)… but 10 years later (almost to the day) I’d say things turned out well.

    I had a friend get a wedding planner on board (he had a much bigger wedding), but it came out great!

    Best part, no worries about minutiae.

    My sister on the other hand is getting married, and has a thousand things on the go. Her wedding is going to be on the large side, and despite lots of advice, she’s got a ton of decisions to make.

    My advice, keep it small or make sure you’ve got somebody you trust to keep the small things out of the way.

    Oh, and enjoy it too!

    All the best!

    • Thanks Matt!!! We’re thinking small. It’s so hard though- there’s a ton of extended family, etc so I’m not sure how to make some tough decisions on guest lists. I’ve been thinking about a wedding planner, haven’t decided yet…

  6. The fact that within a week you’ve already chosen a date and booked a venue and you’re doubting your ability to plan this is hilarious to me. You could plan an entire civilization if the task was handed to you. But I applaud this blog and your public plea for assistance, because I love every single thing that comes out of you.

    There. I’ve said it publicly. Now everyone knows.

    • I kind of thought I was on top of it, until I looked at my first bride magazine and read a 5 page article about lighting designers.

      Love everything that comes out of you too 🙂

  7. Julie Schletter

    Do you remember the chorus teacher at SMS? We worked on a wedding together and she’s a wedding planner. Not that you would hire her, but she would probably be ticked to give advice!

    • I didn’t go to SMS, just HS. But good to know there are more resources 🙂 Trust me, Timbo is gonna be all over helping me pick music- I really like what he set up for Whitley.

  8. Although my opinion is just what it is, an opinion . DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT!. Spend in budget, eat your meal , talk often at the reception, and dance your heart out. Be 18 again. I am curious where , or what city it will take place. Are you locked to NYC, or looking at other places, such as Ct shore line or Annapolis Md? Im just throwing that out on a whim . Take care Mike cee

  9. On your search for a wedding photographer consider us We are shooting Richard Christys wedding. Hope to see you there

  10. Maid of Honor :)

    I agree w/ Ellie. You are deffy on the right track and have plenty of time. I found that there was a lot to do right away (booking the big stuff) and then a lot of nothing (maybe dress shopping for all just because you might have to order it) and then a lot the month or so before. I’ll help as much as I can from here! I guess this means a few trips to NYC- love that!

  11. Hi! So glad you’re blogging! I wish they’d had this internet thingy and blogging when I got married. (Hubby and I will celebrate 15 years on the 26th!)

    Just remember that the ONLY thing that matters is that, at the end of the day THAT day, you guys are married. If they deliver the wrong flowers, if the cake is the wrong flavor, if a guest gets drunk and pukes on the gifts, YOU ARE MARRIED. That lasts forever.

    More advice later . . . !

  12. hey girl, so happy for you guys!! you dont even know how much!
    The biggest advise i can give, is hire a wedding planner, even if its just for the day of. To coordinate the vendors & junk.
    hey and if you want to get married in greece i have the perfect planner to recommend 😉

    xo fo

    • Thanks Fo!!

      I’ve heard about those day of coordinators- such a good call. I can see me running around trying to string lights in a panic that morning & I definitely don’t want to do that 🙂

  13. Arties Bloated Liver

    The advice that my grandfather gave my dad and my dad gave me was to get married in the evening, that way if the marriage fails you didn’t waste a whole day.

  14. This is so wonderful! I’m looking forward to following your blog! 🙂

  15. Make the wedding small, personal, your own. Make the honeymoon big and bad and memorable! Make the following years the ones you put the most effort into. Marrage is a wonderful thing- you get out what you put in- most definately! Congrats Rach!

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