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And nearly a year later…THE PICTURES!

Ok, so it took me a minute. But I’m finally prepared to share some of our wedding pictures. Because they are AWESOME.

Here are a few of my favorites:

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Before I share the link to the rest of the pics, let me tell you why these were so important and why it took me so long to even look at them. Something I learned, that I will now share with you is this: it is virtually impossible to THROW a major event and ATTEND a major event at the same time.  So while everyone told me our wedding was one of the best they’d ever been to, I had to see the pictures to understand their experience. Because my memories of that night are more along the logistical/operational end of the neurotic disaster spectrum.

Richie wanted to pour through the photos immediately but I just couldn’t.  I needed a way to make it more special, somehow, before I could bring myself to even take a peek.  So he planned date for us- fondue & wine- we brought the laptop & with a bottle of champagne in hand, we looked through them.

And I bawled.  And I completely fell in love with every single one.  And all at once, I knew the crazy was worth it.

A HUGE thank you to Don Hwang, our amazing photographer for the rest of these pictures: