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For the love of flowers.

Wedding flowers scare me.  I mean, the flowers themselves don’t scare me- the overwhelming sense of color coordination & intricate design that is required to have amazing wedding flowers scares me.  I don’t even have a favorite flower, besides those purple cone-y ones you can smell a block away that the corner stores sell every spring in New York City.

Note: the fact that I just described my favorite flower as the “purple cone-y ones” should tell you my level of expertise & preparedness for finding the florist of my dreams.

One thing I noticed in meeting with many florists is that they have a front team- the crew of lovely ladies who try to upsell you way more flowery crap than I could ever want…and then the real people who design your wedding that are hiding in the back of the store, speaking an unrecognizable language & cowering in sweatshop-like conditions.  Which gives me a nervous tremor that my newfound preference for English garden roses that are an antiqued Salmon-y shade rather than an overt peach might get lost in translation.

Not the case with B Floral.

I first read about B Floral on “Best of The Knot” and stumbled on this quote:

NYC-raised florist Bronwen Smith makes customer service a top priority at her studio, which never schedules two weddings for the same week in order to fully concentrate on each client’s big day.  The aesthetic tends toward clean and classic; check out Smith’s floral and event-planning blog to get a better idea of the vibe. — New York Weddings Magazine

I loved the idea of that wedding week exclusivity & I went on to read that owner Bronwen Smith is not only a Duke grad & former Wall Street maven, she received artistic training from The New York Botanical Garden and The Flower School of New York.  Her client list was impressive & I found only glowing reviews online.  I decided it was time to meet.

When I first walked in to Bronwen’s gorgeous Chelsea loft space, I had an immediate sense of relaxation.  The staff was amazing, the questions were thoughtful & they helped guide me through an easy conversation, in which I realized my aforementioned preference for antiqued salmon-y over overt peach.

They started an “Inspiration Board” filled with pictures of my dress, the bridesmaids dresses, our ‘Save the Date’ design, the apothecary bottles we want to use to hold flowers, a variety of images & ideas we discussed.  I have to say, it was the first overarching visual picture I got of our wedding as a whole!  It’s so exciting to see how it will all come together & how the floral design will be a HUGE part of bringing the color scheme and vintage feel to life.

Before my meeting with the B Floral team (, flowers were an annoying component of my wedding to do list that felt like an obligation in which my only concern was to ensure there were no carnations involved (they giggled at the idea that they would EVER include carnations, thank god.  It’s the Chicken Dance equivalent on my DJ rant).  By the end of our first meeting, my decision was made, the paperwork was done & I was genuinely looking forward to my next gathering with the team.  They’re going to do mock ups & samples of the floral design so we can discuss my preferences in more concrete terms.  Don’t worry, I’ll totally post pics.

Here are some of my favorite flowers they’ve designed:


Who knew flowers could be so fun?!


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Happily carnationless,