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Pre-Honeymoon Honeymoon.

Richie & I need a minute away.  I’ve been SWAMPED lately with business stuff- most people don’t know that much like Clark Kent, I live a secret life.  I run my own company- it’s nothing like what I do on camera, I’ll tell you about it another day.  But here’s the point-  I’ve worked the last 17 days straight and I think my need to chillax has just hit clinical levels.

The beauty of working with clients around the country is I can occasionally coordinate the combo work/pleasure trip.  So this weekend, we’re grabbing the pooch & heading to the lovely city of Philadelphia.  I’ve got a full day of intense client meetings Thursday and a couple hours Friday but the rest of the time will be dedicated to hotel jacuzzis and the great cheesesteak quest.

Side note on weddingy stuff- Richie got my engagement ring from Steven Singer, so we’ll stop by while we’re in Philly & check out wedding rings for him.  He needs something edgy & cool, will let you know what we look at.  Plus I’m on the fence with the whole engagement ring AND wedding ring thing- not that I don’t want 4 trillion diamonds, I just think the ring he picked is so beautiful by itself… I’ll blog about this debate when I get back.  Who knows, maybe I’ll feel different after we swing by & see what they suggest.

Ideas on other stuff to see/do in Philly?

PS, we’re taking Rupert, not Elvis.  Because one fits in the jeep better.

10 lbs (jeep-friendly)


185 lbs (less jeep-friendly)