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Mambo #5

Richie & I have (mumblecough) years between us.  The only time I *ever* notice a difference from the age gap is in our taste in music.  If the words “Apache, Jump On It” mean something to you, you’re totally on Team Richie*.  If the words “Crash Into Me” mean anything to you, you’re Team Rach.  I expect the lot of you to print up t-shirts declaring your loyalty & post them on my fb page.  Just a suggestion.

Our Venn Diagram slightly overlaps at 80s new wave, 90s hair metal, the rare happy rap and Smashing Pumpkins.  So mostly we listen to Howard in the car, cause that’s the one station we completely agree on.

It’s hard!  I’m a musician!  Music is HUGELY important to me!  And when I share a song that absolutely crushes me, completely breaks my heart, it’s like sharing an intimate little piece of myself.  So when it’s met with a passive “meh”, I almost take it personally, like you’re not taking a minute to understand me better, to see why this is so important to me, to find the beauty in it.  I know, I’m weird.  Sigh.  Maybe it’s a musician thing?  The stuff that moves him is WAY old school hip hop.  Like the origins of hip hop, which I’m told is really historically important- and I’m certain he’s right.  I’m just more into where it evolved TO than the very basic beginnings that sound like the pre-programmed beats on my first casio keyboard (he’s so gonna kick my butt for saying that :))   The point is, our taste is so divergent that I literally thought about putting something in my vows about trying really hard to learn to tolerate his music.  He didn’t find that so cute.

I’ve been thinking about songs a lot lately. It’s particularly weird as a singer/songwriter to analyze music for a big, emotional event like a wedding.  For instance- a completely lame verse in the middle of an otherwise amazing song can totally turn me off.   Sometimes the emotionality of a song’s chord structure is so powerful to me that I completely miss the horrendous word choice.

And sometimes the memory of a song is so great that you never took a minute to listen to the inappropriate lyrics  (anyone see the Arrested Development episode called “Afternoon Delight”?).  Here’s an unfortunate example of that- I was thinking about the father/daughter dance.  I remember being a kid, standing on my dad’s feet while he danced me around the room wailing an overdramatic version of the Sinatra classic “Strangers in the Night” while I giggled hysterically.  That’s my song with my dad- always makes me smile when I hear it.  When I mentioned it to Richie, he found the lyrical content slightly disturbing for a father/daughter dance.  And he’s right!!!  I’ve never noticed one lyric.  But a song about a secret torrid love affair is a little bit creepy for a dad and daughter to dance to.  Sorry pops, I know it’s gonna creep you out now, too.

I was also thinking about a non-traditional song to walk down the aisle to.  Something personal, that encapsulates our relationship and hits my heart.  I’ve got a couple ideas, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on great walk down the aisle songs because there is just not a chance in hell “here comes the bride” will be played at my wedding.

To recap your homework for the comment section of this blog, I need the following suggestions from you:

1) Good father/daughter songs

2) Unique & meaningful walk down the aisle songs

3) Oh, and some fun, right after we just got married & we’re walking out songs

Thanks guys.  Your help really does make this all easier.


PS- I just named this blog Mambo #5 so I wouldn’t be the only one with that horrendous song stuck in my head.  Sorry.

*EDITOR’S (fiance’s) NOTE:  Richie is insisting I include his clarification: “Apache from Sugar Hill Gang sucks – reminds me of Carlton! Apache from the Incredible Bongo Band is pure old school!”