Kardashian-esque Locks!

Those damned Kardashians have one amazing feature that truly sets them apart from lesser reality starlets.  And I’m sure you’re thinking about that big, full, lucious…hair.

I KNOW the booty gets top billing, but I am not even kidding about the hair.  They’ve got the strands of at least 12 people floating atop their noggins.  And I admit it: I’m jealous.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate Kim’s mane:

(it's redick.)

It’s not that I don’t have great, cooperative hair- I lucked out in that department.  But if there’s anything better than long, thick hair…it’s longer, thicker hair.

Enter Carole Carmona.

Carole is the kind of angel that makes Kardashian dreams come true.  I always thought getting hair extensions meant someone glued a wig on my head.  And that creeped me out.  But I just learned (FIRST HAND!!!) that it’s way cooler.

Carole attached little pieces of hair to my existing hair using “hair locks”.  The awesome part is, there’s no glue or heat used in the adhesion, so no damage to your natural hair! 

It’s surprisingly not annoying to deal with- I use a special brush Carole gave me, but that’s about the only concession- I can still swim, shower, style it like normal. 

Let’s play a fun game of before & after:

(admittedly, I was in major need of a haircut)


So Kardashian-esque!

...and curled.

There’s so much hair.  SO MUCH HAIR!!  It’s amazing!!  My favorite part is that if I have to run out in the morning with wet hair, it dries naturally looking pretty much perfect.  With zero effort.

Also, Carole is awesome & fun.  Which is important if you’re going to spend a few hours with someone working on your head.

If you’re thinking about upping YOUR hair game, here’s where you should start:  CaroleCarmona@gmail.com or 702-499-2416

Bonus side note/potential future CSI episode: I can’t help but think about the DNA confusion that could occur if someone found my hair at a crime scene.  Cause it’s a 50/50 shot I’m getting off scott free & some chick in India is taking the fall.  So there’s that!!!! 🙂


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  1. I absolutely love what @CaroleCarmona has done with your beautiful mane @RachelFineMusic

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