Cake & eat it too!

I’m going to be honest & say that aside from the ring, the wedding planning component I’m most excited about is cake shopping.  Mostly the eating part of the cake shopping.

Let’s talk wedding cakes.  I have questions.  And you guys always seem to have answers.

First off, is the cupcake fad over? Or is that still happening?  I like the portability of this dessert option, but have concern over A) triteness and B) over-it factor for our work friends.  I don’t want the wedding cake to be a tired extension of Cupcake Wednesdays.

Second, can you go with any flavor or are there rules about this?  For instance, I could live on chocolate.  Richie could live on peanut butter.  Can we just have some kind of crazy chocolate peanut butter cake or is that way too out there?  Wait, If we did that, wouldn’t we need to have some sort of non-peanut option for allergic people?  I feel like 74% of the population is allergic to peanuts (source: made up).  Can you have a cake that is all different flavors?  Or then is everyone cutting into each tier to get to the kind they like, the way I would with an unmarked box of chocolates?

Third, umm, can we schedule tastings with dozens (hundreds?) of bakeries?  And if so, uh, how am I just now finding out about this?  And why aren’t more people regularly taking advantage of free cake?!  I actually went out and bought a piece of cake last week when I clearly should have just flashed the bling & begged to be fed.

I’m just not into the giant, flowery, gaudy, drawbridge & princessy looking mountains of frosting.  And I’m not even exaggerating.  Please tell me at least one of you has seen My Big, Fat, Gypsy Wedding.  Because if I don’t post this recurring monstrosity, the terrorists will have won. 

Yep. That's Ken & Barbie on there. And their friends I think. Subtle, just like I like it.

Thoughts on more non-traditional/less weddingy looking cakes? 



*thought ” Fondantly,” might be too much of a stretch


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  1. The problem with cupcakes I’ve had at weddings is that they’re often dry. The problem is, they often make them ahead of time and the paper doesn’t hold in the moisture the way an all around layer of frosting does. I would go for a cake all the way. Some people have a “groom’s cake,” so you could do that as a “nonallergic option.”

  2. You’re so smarty, Leyla.

  3. Cake balls. Seriously. I’m not cursing at you. Google it. They are da bomb and you can order as many flavors as you want. My favorite in Austin: Holy Cacao.

  4. Some people like wedding cake. Most don’t, however. They just eat it because that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re at a wedding. You know what everyone loves, though? Pie. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, shoofly pie… whatever. Forget the fancy cake and just put a bunch of delicious pies out on a table. Your guests will be ecstatic.

  5. I’m not lying when I say I have a CAKE BALL MAKER (courtesy of Kathy, of course!) They are the best. Google Bakerella, she has the best ones!

    My vote (if I should get one) is a MARRIAGE of both chocolate and peanut butter!

    I say traditional cake. I think cupcakes are over done!

  6. What do you think of the best of both worlds? A small 2 or 3 tiered wedding cake (in some funky or traditional shape), and platters of cake balls(I’ve had them–awesome!) in various flavors. In the words of MIss Piggy: “More is never enough!”

  7. Rachel,

    First of all, there is nothing, nada on TV in the summer so I resort on my off hours to watching TLC. The Learning Channel??? HUH.?.. anyway, YES, I have seen the Gypsy show. How did they manage to make gypsies boring?

    Cupcakes: I admit, I’ve watched Cupcake Wars. That means they are over because these are repeats. (Have you seen the ad for a credit card company where the woman entrepreneur opens a cupcake/booze bar? WTF?) I still watch Cake Boss on occasion. Maybe you need to venture to New Jersey? hehe

    Have whatevva you like. Peanut butter, chocolate, whatevva. Add one boringly non-deadly layer of white or yellow cake for the allergic. Clearly annotated. But wait… they can’t even be near peanuts can they? How do they survive in this nutty world?

    If I were in NYC I’d join you on a cake hunt. Best of luck. And quit PAYING for cake:)

    J in Florida

  8. Cake. Balls. I’m not a fan of wedding cake… i don’t like the flavors, and sometimes it just seems to taste very dry. I’m a fan of the cake balls: moist and tasty, and you can make them in a gazillion flavors quickly and just hand them out to everyone (or have people pick and choose).

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